Olga Motovilova – Komova was born in 1969 in Moscow.

Family history is known since 1380 when the founder of a Lithuanian prince Montvil Motvid has saved the Prince Dmitry Donskoy, covering him with his body from the enemy spear during the Battle of Kulikov. Prominent members of the genus were NA Motovilov, the famous “servant” of St. Seraphim of Sarov, the poetess Anna Akhmatova, writer Viktor Nekrasov.

Grandfather of the artist – a classic of Russian sculpture of the twentieth century George Ivanovitch Motovilov, author of sculptural decoration of the Moscow metro stations, of monuments, the winner of the Silver Medal of the World Exhibition in Paris in 1937.

Olga Motovilova-com graduated from the State Art and Industry Institute Stroganov in 1993. Member of Moscow Union of Artists, Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the Russian Union of Artists.
Winner of the Gold Medal of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, the first prize of the contest “Spring Salon 93” and the Honorary Diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts, First Prize, “Spring Salon 2001”, the diploma of the Moscow Artists’ Union (2011), the Diploma of the City Hall of Romanov-Borisoglebsk for contribution to the decoration of the city.

Creative way an artist began at age 17 with the famous “17th Youth Exhibition” in 1986. Since then, she regularly participates in exhibitions of the Union of Artists (20).

Since 1989 – Member of the International Association of Women Artists “Irida.” She has participated in group exhibitions in the halls of Moscow, New York, London, Paris, Alexandria, Brussels and Berlin.

Major exhibitions were held in the galleries:

“The house of the sculptor” (1994), Moscow,
“Irida” (1995), Moscow,
“Chertanovo” (1996), Moscow,
“Academic” (1998), Moscow,
The office of the magazine “Russian Heritage” (1999), Moscow,
“The house of the sculptor” (2000), Moscow,
“Feofania” gallery (2008), Moscow,
City Hall Gallery Troitsk (2008),
“No words.” Gallery of painting art (2009), Moscow,
Gallery of the House of Russian Book, Paris (2009),
Gallery “Ferme des jeux”, Vaux Les Penil, France, 2010.
“The Return”, Gallery “House of Artists,” Tutaev, 2011.
“I-Gallery”, Montmartre, Paris, France (group exhibition of 3 artists)

Works by Olga Motovilova-komova are exhibited in museums and private collections in Russia, USA, UK, France, Japan, Germany.